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Bespoke Design

Our philosophy is simple. To design stunning and unique websites, with a look and feel that will attract visitors and convert them to customers.

In today’s ever growing competitive global marketplace, it is essential that your online presence stays one step ahead of your competition.

Spending a little more on your website creation by opting for our bespoke website design option can prove to be cost effective; we will not work from templates, but start from a blank canvas, encompassing your ideas to create a website that will project the right image for your company.

The reward of increased visitors will soon outweigh the extra spend!

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Websites Reinvented did an amazing job and we whole heartedly recommend them to all our colleagues and associates.

— David Sandbach

Staged Development

By breaking up a project into key development stages, we can usually provide a clear picture of your website’s current status and how it’s progressing.

You can Sign-in and review your website’s build process at anytime!

Discovery Stage


1. Specification

  • Requirements Capture
  • SEO Audit & Analysis
  • Budget Review
  • Feature Review
  • Specifications
Web Design Stage


2. Design

  • SEO Framework
  • Graphics & Logos
  • Original Artwork
  • Photography
  • Animation
Coding & Development Stage


3. Development

  • Website Mockups
  • Front-end Coding
  • Back-end Functionality
  • SEO Review
  • Testing & Sign-off
Deployment Stage


4. Deployment

  • Domain Management
  • Hosting Services
  • Email Setup
  • Backup Schedules
  • Training & Support
  • Maintenance Plans